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G’day Ron,
I was wondering if you can tell me the cost of rego on the RB145 in Victoria at present.
I have found your website very helpful and informative - Thank you for the effort. Have Fun,

Hi Ron, Had to laugh when I received this...
Looks like you're the authority for Hino Australia!
I've asked whether they have access to any info from Hino Japan. Cheers, Les

In response to a question Les asked Hino Australia re the Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of the RB145, Hino Australia sent copies of pages from the manuals on this site, and replied - we do not have a GCM on file and there was never one issued.

Ronald, thanks for your help - we'll talk again soon, Regards Mal

Fantastic site, been looking for the workshop manuals for 6 years since I acquired an 1989 RB 145 as motorhome.
I have also had problem with engine not shutting down after key turned off, it doesn't happen when engine cold but now happens all the time when engine has reached operating temperature.
I have pulled the vacuum switch apart and sure enough there was a small tear opposite one of the vent holes, have done suggested repair and will run engine to operating temperature to check operation.
Regards, Ian Cox   (CMCA member as well)

I had discovered your site a few months ago and was absolutely wrapped. I had found a Hino motor manual online somewhere, opened it and copied it only to find it was the marine version- and then found your site. (Prayers answered.) A few weeks earlier I had found an english pdf version of the owners manual and was getting hope!
By the way - wild hair do!! (I have lost contact with my own - they left me years ago for places unknown) Have Fun, Kevin

Hi Bill, Thanks for your efforts on behalf of our fledgling group.
In the meantime, If we are able to swap ideas and help each other solve problems, its existence will be justified, and in time – who knows?
Best regards, Bob & Enid Wood W75510

Thanks for the web site. Frederick Church driver of "The Fredrock Cafe" www.openroadnz.blogspot.co.nz +64 (0)27 2734714

I have a AC140 Hino bus is there a group for this model, or can you help me with creating a group because I enjoy reading your members questions and the answers they receive. At present I'm waiting for brake parts from Japan which is frustrating, Hino SA has been very helpful, but I feel if we had a group like yours owners could help each other. Thankyou, Bob Malcolm

G’day Ronald, I love your web site. Many hours of hard work have gone into that. I actually have an RH160 but I thought the RB145 had roof lights as well. Must be the width thing. Thanks for the valuable information. I have a mate coming over tomorrow and with one at each end of the cable and a multi meter we are going to try and trace the wiring. I will let you know how I go. By the way, you would’nt have any clues on headlights by any chance? Having said that, does the RB145 have dual lights? Regards Leigh

Hi Ronald, Brilliant job, thanks.
Les and I are in the process of converting our original sliding doors to LH hinged. I’ll send you full data and pics when it’s finished. I have one very small edit for you – when you get to it. The Powerdown RT104M3 rear shockers are non-adjustable. Best regards, Bob

I reckon you are doing a terrific job. How is the flying going? Bill

Dear Ronald Thank you so much for your response it was very informative.
I did eventually get the downloads off the site and they are most helpful. My dad, Allan, also managed to get the part he was seeking.
What a great site you have and so very helpful.
You are to be credited for the effort you have put into it.
Thanking you kindly
Yours sincerely Deborah Khan and her father Allan Coleman.

You deserve the accolades Ronald. It is a great site :-) R&D Khan

What Ron is doing is great and this is a valuable resource

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